Zambia Day Two

We woke up excited to explore more of Livingstone! We enjoyed a hearty Zambian breakfast with a Canadian expat and then headed straight to Victoria Falls. We ventured on the Zambian side to see the “Smoke that Thunders” for ourselves. I could only begin to imagine how Dr. David Livingstone felt when he witnessed the tremendous falls for himself.

*Victoria Falls from the Zambia side. 

To really appreciate the falls and as a birthday treat, we opted in for the helicopter trip over the pounding water. It was an extraordinary once in a lifetime kind of viewing experience.

Following our vertical adventure, we were on a Vic Falls kick and were determined to see the Zimbabwe side. The drought made the falls on the Zambian side sparse so we had to pop across the border.

*Bridge into Zimbabwe, note the bungee jump!

*Due to the drought, the was more water to see from the Zimbabwe side

Following our border crossing interlude, we headed back to the hotel to link up with our bus to the Mukuni Village. This was our first time visiting an African village. Our guide grew up in Mukuni and was excited to show us her village and the culture. We met artists and barefooted children eager to catch a glimpse of the foreigners touring their hometown. Yet despite the smiles and enthusiasm, We couldn’t look past the poverty that struck the community. Not to rehash why I started this enterprise, but this village and its inhabitants were a turning point for me.

Humbled with our arms full of curios, we headed back for dinner.