For the Love of Learning

When I got back from Africa I was itching to get down to business. I had dabbled in soap making research but the idea of getting to it without proper instruction terrified me!

I was really excited when I stumbled upon one day class in Toronto one weekend in February. The class was run by For the Love of Body, and they were wonderful! My mom and I had a fantastic time learning great insider tips from our pro instructors, things I never thought would be possible in the world of soap making and designing! We started with melt and pour and closed learning to make cold press, both vastly different methods allowing for varying types of creativity.

Taking this class was the best decision I made that February! With out it, I don’t think I would have built up the courage to dive into the craft on my own. Thank you to “For the Love of Body” for your wicked class and to my mom for being super cool about coming along with me :)