Thank you so much for finding our humble shop! We can't thank you enough. However, we're sure you'd like to know more about the communities you are directly helping.
Our first partner village is the Mukuni village which is the main village of the Mukuni chiefdom, home to 8,000 people who call themselves Tokaleya. It is nestled near Victoria Falls close to the border of Zimbabwe. With roads of rusty red sand and thatched roofs, the land of Mukuni houses the Chief Mukuni and his Be Dyango or queen.
It was the Mukuni village where Dr. David Livingstone found himself one day under the large mango tree in the centre of the village known as the “Meeting Tree”. To this day, the people still gather under its branches!
Yet the Mukuni chiefdom is more than this central village. The chiefdom is made up of a hundred villages that span across the southern province of Zambia. While the Mukuni village has turned to tourism to help boost the economy, many of the surrounding villages continue to struggle. With our network, Soap2Hope plans to do just what our name states, bring hope to these villages with the development of local partnerships and water and sanitation projects. Continue to watch our website and social media channels to find updates on how we're bringing a hand up to these communities!