Easy guide to beating the quarantine blues

While social distancing and quarantining is our new norm, some of us may be struggling with this new reality. We have summed up five easy steps to help you kick the quarantine blues.
1. Food for thought
Take advantage of having the time to actually make breakfast . You can experiment and try new ingredient combos.
Not only is it great to ensure you are getting your healthy vitamins and nutrients in. You might even discover a new love for fruit bowls.
Some new health foods we've been trying!
2. Love thy self 

This is the perfect time to finally draw that warm botanical bath you've been dying to, read more books that feed your soul and start a new workout routine. You can also treat yourself to an exfoliating scrub if you haven’t been moving around much this is a great way to get your blood flowing. 

3. Be still 

Find a distraction free space no tv, cellphone, laptop to enjoy some time to yourself. 
4. Learn
The time to learn new things now. Learn a new language, how to play the guitar, chess perhaps? Implement new activities in your lifestyle that will benefit your physical and mental health.

5. Remember to wash your hands!