These three words will help you achieve all over skincare perfection. Being a glow-getter isn’t just about your skincare routine, it’s a lifestyle. Having your skin glow literally comes from the inside out. If you haven’t thought about this yet, time to change your habits!

1. Start sweating! Find a workout routine that excites you, don’t sweat and be miserable! I’ve learned that I like barre and spin but HATE bootcamps and just lifting weights in a gym. Working out for me is also a social activity, so grab some of your glow babes and get hustling!

Photo by Brody Vissers

2. Sip or HYDRATE! People complain all the time about dry skin and I ask, “How much water are you drinking?” **crickets**! Girl, if you want to shine, you need to drink water. I aim to drink two water bottles worth, about two litres, a day. 

Photo by Coast Copper

3. Sleep, they don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing! I’ll admit, this one is hard for me. I like to stay busy and lose track of time and end up going to bed later than I should. But ladies, we need to get on a sleep schedule. Sleep allows us to develop collagen, rehydrate and reduce those nasty dark circles.

Lovelies, use these three words to help you develop and healthy lifestyle routine that will have you skin thanking you.