The Power of Mango!

Seriously, this ingredient won’t just make men go crazy, it will make everyone go crazy. It’s loaded with vitamins your skin needs for nourishment and hydration. 

5 reasons why everyone should add mango products to their skincare routine:

1. Promotes radiance and skin health
Mango has all the goodies to feed your skin. Mango extracts are filled with vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E copper, and potassium to name a few. The combo of these hero ingredients reduce redness, reduce marks and blemishes and hydrate skin all over.

2. Ease inflammation
An ingredient called mangiferin found in mango extracts is filled with antioxidants that helps to reduce inflammation from common skin conditions. 

3. Remove dead skin cells
Mango works hard to remove dull and dry skin cells to make room for new, fresh, glow ones.

4. Evens skin tone
Feeling patchy? Mango will cleanse your beautiful skin and even out unwanted spots from brow to booty. 

Smooth AF skin
Cuz who doesn’t want silky skin all over!