The ultimate bath checklist <3

Self-care is essential to sustaining our overall wellness. How we choose to take care of ourselves can be as easy as taking a well-deserved bath. The following checklist offers you the freedom to tailor your needs to what works best for you.
1. Sound or silence
Depending on your mood, music and silence are perfect to add to your bath routine. You can create your ultimate playlist on Spotify and have it play in the background or you can simply enjoy the peace and quiet. Check out this Thrive From Home playlist by Poppy Barley.
2. Bring some snacks

It's your special time so why not bring along your favourite snacks? A glass of bubbly, some tea, berries or chocolate perhaps?

3. Add a pop of colour

Not only are bath bombs and bath salts aesthetically pleasing, they are your skin's best friend too. They help replenish lost moisture, repair your skin and leave you looking glowy + healthier.

4. Environmental Enhancements

Add some candles to set the tone, use some fluffy towels to make you feel pampered, read that book you've been dying to dig into.

5. Enjoy your bath

This is your time in the day where you get to be present in the moment, relax and focus on you.