Zambia Day One

We flew from Johannesburg to Livingstone in the morning knowing getting through customs would take some time once we touched down. **Things to note should anyone reading this ever wish to travel to this beautiful part of the world, you will need to get your yellow fever vaccination and $145 dollars cash for visa entry into both Zambia and Zimbabwe.

*First sights of the Zambia's copper earth 

We arrived at the Avani Victoria Falls and were greeted by a party of smiling men in traditional garb. In full tourist fashion, we couldn’t resist a photo op!

Once we were settled and toured the beautiful grounds, as the resort is built in a national park, we headed to our boat cruise on the Zambezi River. This was our first taste of real African wildlife! Hippos, elephants, cheetahs and we finished it off with one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve experienced in my life!

*our very first hippo sighting!

*beautiful Zambezi sunset